Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Airsoft Reflex Sight Parallax Fix

I had a reflex sight  that was working ok, but it had a parallax such that it was ineffective outside of about 30% of the center for distances beyond 30 feet.  My friend recently mentioned he had the same problem and when I looked at his his sight was much worse.  So playing around with them a bit I found a fix that works pretty darned well.  a simple piece of 3-5mm thick acrylic or plexiglass inserted just over the object (the red dot generator) adjusts the optical path enough so that the extremely cheap and not quite in plane curved reflector now has the proper path length to be extremely close to parallax free.  However, his sight had a bad misalignment (cheap chineese crap) and so I had to rotate the optical shim to shift the center so its functional again.  the green lines point to the corners  of the plexiglass shim.  A bit of epoxy and we have a very robust solution.

PULP ww2 fleet progress

I started working on this project when I got some fighters from Iron Wind Miniatures for the Crimson Skies game.   I later found some 1/200 scale ww2 fighters and painted a few of those, then got the bright idea to modify a large zep as a pulp carrier airship.  Recently I realized some of the inspiration for a bunch of airships and Japanese spaceships a while ago were old submarines.  So I decided to take it a step further and use some ww2 subs for large sail based airships with pulp ww2 tech. such as cannons and turboprops.   And for some big ground forces to counter the tech of a large airship, such as a large mechs and scorpions.
On the left is largely ww2 fighters and bombers, on the right is crimson skies fighters.  center has a few experimental fighters.  Front center is a large mech scorpion with a few mech buddies.  Top left is the carrier zep, top right is a pirate cruiser, pirate frigate, luxury yacht, fuel/hydrogen tanker, and switchblade littoral intercept craft.  Jagged bets on the front of the pirate ships and the interceptor are to cut sails.  Main principle is that while props and turboprops work great, they cost fuel and make noise, sails greatly extend the range of an airship. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Kryptek airsoft paintjobs

Couple more airsofts painted.  Both of these wanted kryptek. One is an m4 I won at raffle at go-airheads, and the second a commission piece. The m4 is done in my own imagining of a muted arid-urban sticking with tans and blue-grays.  The second a commission wanted a higher contrast arid urban and a shiny metallic orange tip.  That metallic orange is interesting under NIR. Now time to finish some airships and get to painting them!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Legio Custodes

Finally finished another commission.  It appears that GW decided to finally try for a bit of style with the space marines. In a way these look like a bit of steampunk flavored marines.  He wanted a bit of energy shielding on the arm shield and on the fore sections of the tanks.

On this last one, a note to GW.  Please put the mounting post at the CENTER OF GRAVITY.  these things have so much resin making a strong base is a bit tricky with the flimsy plastic base provided.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wraithlord charging in

Also just finished a wraithlord comission. This guy is charging in to introduce someone to the pointy end of his sword.  The ultimate backscratching, through the front.

Stargate SG1 or atlantis, choices choices.

Painted up a stargate from studio bergstrom.  Its about 4" diameter and I glued a clear acrylic disc in the center for painting the event horizon.  It glows very nicely with a wee bit of UV lighting.  he made it either the SG1 or Atlantis type gate based on which side is forward.  Now I just need to figure out how to mount it.

In Space, no one can hear you ...die

In Space, no one can hear you drool over these bad boys right before they send a heat seeker up your tailpipe.

After quite a while staring at me to paint them, I finally brought some life to these Silent Death fighters and capital ships.  I love the variety of this line of ships.  Each was begging for something different.

A carrier with some hotshot ace fighters.

A Thorn dreadnaught with escort.
A Manta with its interceptor and bomber.

And a hammerhead with space superiority fighters. (one of the little ones also reminds me of a hamemr head from space-above and beyond)